At Creators of Objects
we investigate the connection between art and design.

Exploring the tactile, transparent, saturated, create new relationships between surfaces.
Where weight and structure interplay and material quality invites you to touch and explore.

Creators of Objects is the Toronto-based collaborative studio project of Jonathan deSwaaf and Joanne Byrne.
Known for their cast resin work and commissioned installations, their collection includes furniture, accessories, objects and art.

Influenced by colour, light, transluscency and material exploration, they create familiar new forms while also taking impressions of everyday items, using new materials and juxtapositions that shift the perception of those objects.

Pieces are made one by one with a “future analog” approach that embraces experimentation, technology, precision, modern materials and processes blended with traditional practices that leave hand made traces and imperfections.


How we make things is always determined by the project. Our approach has to be flexible and we are always learning new methodologies and inventing new materials to work with. When we take on a project we give it our full consideration to ensure the end result is a close to the vision as possible.

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Jonathan de Swaaf


Joanne Byrne

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